Why We’re Partnering with TrustedSite

Jeff Eckman

Jeff Eckman

We are all experiencing the significance and primacy of trust in these strange new times we find ourselves. As our society has had to move in days and weeks to adopt instantly-accessible videoconferencing technologies, we’ve witnessed fear of the new (school systems slow to adopt distance-learning) and breaches of trust (e.g. Zoombombing) impacting the adoption of these digital interaction tools. And now, trust in the United States’ democratic process is even more at risk of eroding.

In order for many businesses to survive in this new context, brick and mortar operations have needed to abruptly make the pivot to online and provide for distanced, touch-less transactions. And the data shows that online transaction volume is up significantly with the growth of the Coronavirus pandemic crisis.

E-commerce, transacting on websites, and sharing sensitive information online is nothing new. But the fraudulent and immoral practices of phishing and crashing a team’s private videoconference are relatively recent phenomena. And when these violators victimize the rest of us who are acting with integrity, it damages the collective trust in these tools and modes of interaction.

I believe that trust is required in order for relationships to have a chance. There needs to be some basic sense of safety present for each party in a relationship to proceed. And at Blue Green, our functional mission is to create more relationships between brands and their audiences.

So, why a partnership with TrustedSite?

  • We’re all in this together: We are living in the age of ecosystem awareness, which is spawning massive digital ecosystem growth. I know that my firm cannot continue to grow without a network of partners who add value to what we do, and vice-versa.

  • People: Since TrustedSite's Lauren Ladra reached out to us late last year, our team has had the pleasure of working with many of the team members at TrustedSite and connecting with Founder and CEO, Tim Dowling. We love working with good people and teams with collaborative, attractive cultures, and that is exactly what we’ve found at TrustedSite.

  • Simple Value and Results: I am a utility junkie. I love simple, effective tools that do one thing really well—and do it with style, where function and form are self-reinforcing. The TrustedSite product is wonderfully simple and does exactly what it says it does: it builds trust in websites so visitors can transact with confidence, boosting revenue. Further, the company stands behind their product’s ability to help people trust AND verify, and accordingly, creating more relationships in the process.

I’m looking forward to adding to this list as we build this new relationship with TrustedSite, and help prove the value of their tool to a growing list of trustworthy organizations who’ve earned that trust by doing the right thing.

As part of your optimization strategy, we recommend A/B testing the TrustedSite service to see how it can impact your customer experience. If you'd like to be considered for a complimentary A/B test, contact our


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