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J.D. Greenfield

J.D. Greenfield

With a decade of experience behind us, and a new decade of new experiences in front of us, we all agreed it was time to start publishing our thinking here. Actually, it was probably time to start years ago, but now is here, and here we are. Hello, 2020!

It's our hope to see this subdomain grow with an abundance of diverse content, reflecting our experience and ideas in this ever-changing domain of marketing and technology. And we'll make our best effort to do so, incrementally. One piece at a time. And while we can't predict the future, we can match intent with action.

I am quite excited about this new year, and the decade ahead. For by the end of these ten years, the world will undoubtedly be a very different one from what we see now. There is a lot of experience ahead to be excited about. And there will be many opportunities to contribute to what our world can look like when we match intent with positive action.

So, this is our effort to put thought and action together to create new value. What do you think?

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