Web Experience Optimization

A Simpler Way to Visualize and Analyze Customer Journeys on Your Website

Sandy Dawkins

Sandy Dawkins

A marketer’s work is never done. You plan your media campaigns, develop engaging landing pages and content, and execute. Now it’s time to measure and optimize, but you dread the daunting task of analyzing visitor experience data, since it’s only available in complex tables, rows, and graphs.

And while you have access to visual tools like heatmaps and visitor recordings, they only tell part of the story. The real opportunities for growth lie in the full experience, across many pages and URLs.

The Role of Visual-First Analytics

Instead of struggling with rows, tables, or data wrangling, using a visual-first approach makes it easier to understand what’s happening on your site and identify opportunities for optimization. As stated in our blog post on principles of web experience optimization, with visual-first analytics technology, you can easily see the relationship between data, web pages, and customer experiences.

Using Blue Green Analytics®, the visual-first, web and mobile analytics software by Blue Green, to complement your existing data-only analytics tools, such as Google Analytics and Heap, you can:

  • See how visitors are engaging with the content between any two URLs on your site.
  • Quickly filter customer journeys to understand how different segments of visitors engage and convert.
  • Easily follow what is happening from paid media to landing page to conversion.
  • Highlight the relationship between engagement, drop-off, and conversion.
  • View your customers’ journeys through your site in real-time, without sampling.

Why Visual-First Analytics Makes Your Job Easier

Imagine up-to-date visualizations of web and mobile experiences, with the relevant KPIs, and little-to-no work to get there. Visual-first analytics provides real-time updates with data and insights that are always relevant. Moreover, your web pages are scored using proprietary algorithms to simplify analysis and quickly identify what is and isn’t working for your visitors.

Utilizing Visual-First Analytics for Account-based Marketing

Through the Blue Green Analytics integration with HubSpot CRM, via the HubSpot App Marketplace, you can:

  • Quickly see and understand how HubSpot CRM contacts are engaging, converting, bouncing, and where the opportunities exist for significant yield improvement.
  • View customer journeys by company and learn what is moving each of them away from and toward conversion.

To learn more about the value and benefits of getting real-time visualization and analysis of your customer journeys, visit bluegreenanalytics.com.

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